I was born, and now

I'm in the midst of living.

We just are people.



Coy G. Koehler is a photographer and a poet, who is presently hiding in a very small town of Wisconsin.

He is a college graduate of University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire. After graduation, he had tipped his hat goodbye and went on an extensive two month road trip across America. When he had found his pockets emptied and humbled, Coy decided to hang his hat in Los Angeles and settle down, sort of.

It was a wild time for Coy, sleeping in his friend’s kitchen for a year, and then with a hobo’s brilliance, he made a play to purchase camera equipment and live the highlife free… in his van to pay his debt, in more ways than one. Without the domestic chains of the everyday norm, he roamed the alleys of LA, the bars of Hollywood, and the aesthetic of California shooting people and the wilds. Three years later, he had finally paid off his debt, yet the devil still wanted his due. So after Coy had found an actual place to hang a hat, he gave LA another eleven years of shooting for fashion designers, actors, musicians, and television.

Once Coy could feel the free wind blowing again at his back, he had then packed it all up to tip his hat goodbye, this time to the City of Angels. Currently, Coy is living simply and thankful in Marshfield, Wisconsin as he sows and reaps his photography and poetry for everyone to enjoy.

See! Oh, why?